Here are the guidelines to try to make it clear:

  • The photo that I watch is the same I will receive?

    No, it is just a sample image. All photos are in high resolution, al least 8 megapixels and GPS information. We process individually before send you.

  • What resolution are the photos that I receive?

    In most cases that photos have digital uses only, web pages, blogs, social networks, etc… You don’t need a 10mb or 15mb file. Anyway we serve 8mp photos, it is enough for 70x50cm or more prints. If you desire the full resolution file just ask for them in the order time. If you ask for after order time you have to pay 1€.

  • I completed the payment, How will I received my photos?

    For digital orders you will receive a download link by email. For tangible orders you will receive a certificate letter/packet with tracking number.

  • When will I receive my order?

    The deadline for digital orders the is usually 72 hours in business days.

    We ask for your patience, we have to management a lot of bunch of images. This process can be extended more than desired. However, we will always do everything possible to make your photos available ASAP.

  • I bought my photos several days ago, but I still have not received the email for the download!

    It is possible that our email is identified as junk (spam). Please check in your folder spam. If you can not find our email, please contact us by sending an email to info@racephotos.es

  • I bought several photos in different formats but I have received only a few.

    According to the formats of your choice must be sent in different packages according to their size and might not arrive at once.

  • Why I can not find any photo for my "race number"? What should I do?

    It is often difficult to identify the riders as the dorsal is not always visible. Usually this a lost, dirty, covered, or folded ridges should. Please see the photos that we could not classify."

  • What does the SuperPack?

    The SuperPack try to provide all your photos in a race at better price. Includes all your photos plus the photos (yours) in which you identify in the "photos that we could not classify. This pack is delivered as an electronic download.

  • How do I include pictures not classified in the SuperPack?

    You must buy the SuperPack normally. In the purchase process in PayPal page add in "Note to seller" the code that appear below your photos unclassified.

  • How long they remain valid links to download my photos?

    Download links will be valid for a minimum of 7 days of. If not you can download your photos, please send us an email to info@racephotos.es.

  • Is it safe to pay by PayPal?

    Fast: Pay instantly! No more waiting for checks to clear
    Easy: Use your credit card or checking account, just enter the email address of the seller you wish to pay
    Secure: Payments are secure. Unlike checks, they can't be lost or stolen
    Private: Your credit card and checking account information is never shared with the seller
    Free: It's completely free to send money with PayPal

  • What are the photos licensed I buy?

    Files are for personal use only and may not be used for commercial purposes. They can be used in blogs, social networks or other non-commercial uses. For business, news or any other contact us uses.